Jane Manning with Julie Futcher, Joanna Wright and Mitch Cooke

The commitments that local authorities have signed up to in declaring climate emergencies are about to be tested. Client Earth has written to 100 planning authorities that are about to start a full local plan review. Planners will now be under considerable pressure to demonstrate action whilst also hitting housing and development targets. Staying true to the declaration made by councils will bite at many levels in the plan-making process.

Christopher Martin

Behaviour Change programmes have for some time been relied on to encourage people to do things that, rather obviously, they aren’t currently doing. This is often a difficult task, as people normally have reasons for behaving the way they do, behaviours that are, in essence, the result of an environment which has invited us to act in certain ways

My Favourite Plan
Keith J Rowland

Llandudno – Eligible Leasehold Building Land, On Sale On the Gloddaeth Estate, Auction on 28 & 29 August, 1849 

My Favourite Plan
Leo Hammond

San Francisco Plan, 1905, Daniel H. Burnham

Christopher Martin

As they grow, Cities extend the advantages of urban living to more and more people. The responsibility of City authorities is to nurture this growth in order that society should continue to flourish, and further develop. To that end, I would argue that some of the City’s goals are to keep people from dying, to solve inequalities, to drive shared prosperity, to help people get around, and to build safe, beautiful places as a canvas on which life can unfold.

Christopher Martin

“Children are a kind of indicator species, if we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for everyone.” I have been thinking a lot recently about how we can better shape cities, to improve the way in which children can engage with them - creating streets and spaces that are safe and enjoyable.​

My Favourite Plan
Joe Holyoak

Birmingham 1344-5, drawn by George Demidowicz

My Favourite Plan
Andy Williams

Parc de la Villette, Paris, ©Bernard Tschumi Architects

My Favourite Plan
Sebastian Loew

First National Bank of Boston map of Buenos Aires

My Favourite Plan
Andy Ward

Taunton Vision 2005

My Favourite Plan
Liz Kessler

Evolving Lobtau, Reviving the town for Dresden

My Favourite Plan
Paul Drew

Josef Kleihues’ masterplan for Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

My Favourite Plan
Patricia Gomez

London Underground Map, 1992

My Favourite Plan
Peter Larkham

Copenhagen ‘Finger Plan’ (Fingerplanen) 1947 Regional Planning Office (1947, reprinted 1993) Skitseforslag til Egnsplan for Storkøbenhavn (Copenhagen: Regional Planning Office)

Christopher Martin

Apart from stealing the title of Martin Creed's exhibition at the Hayward Gallery a few years ago, I wanted to collect my thoughts on the power that cities and the public realm have over our health, happiness and prosperity.

My Favourite Plan
Emily Walsh

Palmanova, as depicted in 1598

My Favourite Plan
Bob Phillips

A Plan for Todmorden: Thomas Sharp & Todmorden Borough Council, 1946

My Favourite Plan
Annabel Keegan

Redditch New Town Masterplan, Second Generation New Town, designated 1964

Richard Hayward, Ivor Samuels, Louise Thomas
Comparing House Builders’ approaches to Urban Design - a pilot study to understand its role and value to the industry

October 2015

Alastair Donald

Urban Design 127 - China: Replication, Replication, Replication. Alastair Donald re-evaluates the Chinese imitation of Western designs.