UDG Director Robert Huxford to speak at ACO webinar

UDG Director, Robert Huxford will be speaking at ACO's webinar, Moving to Health Positive Streets at midday on 15 September. Robert will present proposals from UDG's recent publication Street Improvement Manual.

The webinar will look at how changes to our infrastructure could lead to more health conscious and environmentally considerate streets. Leading to associated benefits, including improved air quality, public health and wellbeing alongside enhancing natural systems.

  • How do planners and approval bodies decide if enough is being done?
  • What statutory guidelines or best practices are they following?
  • How do we develop infrastructure whilst also ensuring consideration to issues around urban greening, public health and the environment?
  • Are there enough resources available to validate an installation, making sure it is fit for purpose throughout its life span?
  • Do designers have enough resources to consider the future management of the asset and its continued performance?
  • What further regulations should be rolled out to ensure delivery of enhanced public spaces?
  • How do we take best practice from inner city areas and roll them out nationally?