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Street Improvement Manual

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Street Improvement Collaboration

The Street Improvement Collaboration are a growing group of engineers, landscape, urban design and public realm practitioners who are sharing their ideas, experience and vision to help local authorities tackle the challenges of Climate Change, Decarbonisation, Health, Active Travel, and more… 


  • An evolving reference source on current best practice to support central and local government and any other organisations or groups developing or deploying their own guidance. 
  • To provide local authorities with ideas and assistance in transforming their streets so that they are safe for pedestrians and cyclists of all ages and abilities, and will support the social and economic life of the community.  
  • Standard design ideas for standard street widths produced by the UK’s leading engineers and urban designers
  • Short term measures - quick, light, cheap - but capable of being permanent
  • Permanent measures that will help local authorities to meet public health, air quality and carbon objectives
  • Answers to common questions faced by local authorities
  • Guidance on law including the Common Law, Statutory Duties, and Statutory Guidance (England)
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