ideasSPACE is back with Lily Bernheimer, Spaceworks and Sherry Dobbin, Future\City

ideasSPACE v2

After a short break over the summer we welcome you back to the new format ideasSPACE with thanks to our media partner UrbanNous and Christopher Martin of Urban Movement

The power that urban design has to shape safe and thriving communities is more relevant every day - we want to sharpen our resolve and continue the conversation to protect cities as places of prosperity, happiness, and humanity. We will be talking one-to-one with leading experts around urban issues - speaking with people whose work is at the heart of humanity and cities - sharing these conversations so once more we can work together to ensure cities can thrive. 

Our first two conversations are with: 


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  • Waseem Zaffar on Political Bravery
  • Nicholas Boys-Smith on Design Quality and Beauty
  • Joanna Averly the UK’s Chief Planner
  • Lord Michael Bates on 'Why Walking?'
  • Sarah Hickey on Childhood Obesity
  • Carolyn Steel on Food

Some background...

As a profession we have long-known and emphasised that how we plan, build, and manage our towns and cities now, will determine the outcome of our efforts to achieve a sustainable and harmonious development tomorrow.

In March of this now infamous year, the importance of the urban design profession became clearer than ever - we needed immediate action to safeguard cities, and protect people. The Urban Design Group responded with ideasSPACE providing a weekly urban forum for designers, cities, and governments globally to informally come together - learning with and from each other how best to move forwards.