ideasSPACE with Sherry Dobbin of Futurecity

in conversation with Christopher Martin


Eyes attract images;
Images trigger thoughts;
Thoughts link associations;
Associations conjure stories;
Stories create myths;
Myths generate new realities.

B. V. Doshi

Now more than ever we need to add colour, humour, laughter and humanity to our streets and cities. We need to bring people together to live each others stories and forge new realities.

I have long been calling for a culture-led approach to the design of urban infrastructure and cities, to make streets and public spaces enjoyable and a good laugh - and we need one now - so I was excited to speak with Sherry Dobbin, a cornerstone of the urban art world and expert in embedding art in our lives, to explore what we need to do for the design of cities going forwards, to make them into places of laughter once more.



ideasSPACE is a series of in depth conversations hosted by Christopher Martin (UDG Exec, co-founder of Urban Movement) and produced in collaboration with our media partner, UrbanNous.

Urban Design Group Article - ideasSPACE with Sherry Dobbin of Futurecity by in conversation with Christopher Martin

Managing + Cultural Director at Futurecity 

Sherry is a cultural strategist and producer with significant experience within the public realm and non-traditional spaces. Her 30 years of delivery across the US and UK and past 13 years leading programmes and organisations gives her significant context for establishing policy, strategy and implementation plans.

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