A Better Future for Children

Thursday 9 July 2020 - 17:30 to 18:30

How we design our cities today will save lives tomorrow

This ideasSPACE is the closing event of a three part conference covering latest science, duties, policies, and design and management practice, that can turn towns and cities into places that provide the safe, healthy environments that children need to thrive.

Find out more about our Towns and Cities for Children Conference.

Hosted by Katja Stille  Tibbalds


  • Dr Tiffany Yang  Born in Bradford
  • Holly Weir  University of Westminster
  • Tim Gill  Rethinking Childhood

The Urban Design Group is hosting a series of webinars with experts and thought leaders to help formulate the action we must take to now overcome this crisis and prepare ourselves for the next.

The events are open to all. Participants should also be aware that the webinars will be recorded and made available on our ideasSPACE Youtube playlist