Urban Design 137 - Winter 2016

Latin America
03 — Underground Urbanism
03 — Learning from Europe
04 — The UDG Annual Conference
06 — The Urban Design Library #16
07 — My Favourite Plan
TOPIC: Latin America
08 — Latin America, Sebastian Loew
10 — The Laws of the Indies, Laura Alvarez
11 — Asuncion’s Historic Centre, Mabel Causarano
14 — Punta del Este: The Aparicio Saravia Plan, Lucía and Jorge Pieri
16 — The Role of Public Space in Mexican Cities, Mauricio Hernández Bonilla
19 — Vía Cordillera in Monterrey, Mexico, Pedro Pesci
22 — Metropolitan Development Plan for Lima and Callao, Carlos Alberto Fernández Dávila and Aldo Facho Dede
25 — Design-led and comprehensive masterplanning in Lima, Matthias Wunderlich
28 — The Carabobo Promenade in Medellin, Colombia, Luis Fernando González Escobar
30 — Masterplanning in Latin America, Patricia Gomez
33 — Favela de Paraisópolis, Sao Paulo, Eduardo Pimentel Pizarro
35 — East Bariloche, a new Approach to the City, Pablo Bullaude and Christian Almeida
37 — La Mansa, a new City on the Atlantic coast, Pedro Pesci
Francis Tibbalds Awards
Local authorities shortlist 2016
40 — Stockton High Street Regeneration, Stockton Borough Council
42 — People, Places, Projects, The Corporation of the City of London
44 — Brierley Hill Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
46 — Emergent Urbanism: Urban Planning & Design in Times of Structural and Systemic Change, Tigran Haas & Krister
Olsson, Editors
46 — Touching the City: Thoughts on Urban Scale, Timothy Makower
47 — Young – Old, Urban Utopias of an Aging Society, Deane Simpson
47 — Tactical Urbanism, Short Term Action for Long Term Change, Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia
48 — Weather and the City: How Design Shapes the Urban Climate, Sanda Lenzholzer
48 — Designing for Hope: Pathways to Regenerative Sustainability, Dominique Hes and Chrisna du Plessis
49 — T he City as Resource: Text and Projects 2005-2014, Chair of Prof. Kees Christiaanse, ETH Zurich, Tim Rieniets,
Nicolas Kretschmann, Myriam Perret, Chair of Prof. Kees Christiaanse (eds)
49 — Heritage Planning: Principles and Process, Harold Kalman
A Local Plan for Local People, Joe Holyoak