Upcoming Urban Design Events

Seminar Room B, Doctoral Academy Friary House, Greyfriars Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AE
Wednesday, 10 June 2020 - 10:49am - 11:49am



The UDG are leading a series of webinars open to everyone who wants to help formulate how we should act now to overcome this crisis and prepare ourselves for the next.

How we design our cities today will save lives tomorrow.


'New Lives, New Values' a thought provoking paper from Roger Evans, Studio Real has formed the basis for the first series of discussions:


  ideasSPACE: Cities and Urban Design after the Covid 19 Pandemic

29-05  How to address the opportunity of Barreiro Portugal  host Scott Adams, Urbanist

04-06  An Economic Recovery Strategy for Cities  host Christopher Martin, Urban Movement

11-06  Biodiversity, Habitats + Parks  Paul Reynolds, Urben

The events are FREE and open to all, but please book via our eventbrite page. They will also be recorded and made available on our ideasSPACE playlist with many thanks to our media partner, UrbanNous



Under nomal circumstances the Urban Design Group holds regular events in London at The Gallery, 70 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6EM unless otherwise stated. There are usually one or two per month and are open to the general public as well as members. Tickets should be purchased via Eventbrite (see event listing for link and ticker prices), and depending on availability can be purchased at the door. In response to Covid 19 we are rescheduling much of our Cowcross Street Spring / Summer programme as webinars - details to follw as and when.

TBC: Assessment Toolkits - time for a national / global standard?

TBC: Taking the Long View – Adaptability & the city lifecycle 

TBC: Towns & Cities for Children

TBC: The Economics of Cities – Business Cases, Whole Life Costs, Maintenance Revenues

TBC: Urban Design Summit 

TBC: High Streets Update


Fingers crossed the following events will go ahead as planned:

SEPT : National Urban Design Conference 

OCT : Urban Form Update

NOV : Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture

DEC : Return of the UDG Christmas Shindig



ideasSPACE: Perfect Planning 21 May 2020

ideasSPACE: Streets, Movement + Transport 14 May 2020

ideasSPACE: Housing, Public Realm + Parks 7 May 2020

ideasSPACE: Retail + Workplace 30 April 2020

Webinar: Future High Streets 29 April 2020

Towns, Cities and Urban Design after the COVID-19 Pandemic 23 April 2020

The Multi-Level City 10 March 2020

National Design Guide 25 Feb 2020

Sustainable Development Goals 5 Feb 2020

UDG Annual Film Night Proudly Presents... "City Dreamers" 9 Jan 2020

Climate Responsive Urbanism 9 Jan 2020

Last year UDG hosted and curated well over 20 events. Check the archive for presentations, videos and reports...