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Urban design :
the process of designing and shaping cities and towns, streets and spaces.

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About the Urban Design Group 

Founded in 1978, the Urban Design Group (UDG) is a campaigning membership organisation with over 1000 members who care about the quality of life in our cities, towns and villages, and believe that raising standards of urban design is central to its improvement.

The UDG website contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in urban design including details of urban design practices, university courses, publications and job vacancies, as well as future urban design events. Our regular email newsletter 

Urban Update is a one-stop-shop for urban design news, articles and blog posts.




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Download Urban Update  14 October 2016
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Download Urban Update Time to design the underworld? UDG Director Robert Huxford, speaking at a recent Energy Utilities Industry Conference, has called for a better design and management of the space...