Special General Meeting - Results of UDG Elections and Vote on revised Constitution


Results of the Special General Meeting held on Wednesday 26 April 2023 via Zoom


1. Urban Design Group Constitution

The motion " To accept the new Constitution proposed by the Trustees of the Urban Design Group" was passed, with 79 percent of those present in favour, in excess of the two-thirds majority required under the former constitution.   

Download the Adopted Constitution


2. Chair

Candidates: Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds was elected Chair


3. Treasurer

Candidates: Louise Thomas, Alan Thompson

Louise Thomas was elected Treasurer


4. Honorary Secretary

Candidates: Colin Munsie, Hannah Smart 

Hannah Smart was elected Honorary Secretary


5. Executive Committee Elections

Candidates: Alan Thompson, Amanda Reynolds, Amy Burbidge, Ana McMillin, Barry Sellers, Brian Quinn, Colin Munsie, Colin Pullan, David Milner, Emma Spierin, Husam AlWaer, Katja Stille, Leo Hammond, Lucy Fineberg, Naike Zambotti, Raj Rooprai, Rob Thompson, Roger Evans, Scott Adams,

The following were elected onto the Committee

  • Katja Stille
  • Amanda Reynolds
  • Lucy Fineberg
  • Husam AlWaer
  • Roger Evans
  • Leo Hammond
  • Ana McMillin
  • Scott Adams
  • Rob Thompson
  • Naike Zambotti