URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN 58 Spring 1996



Photograph: Champs Elysees,

Leader, John Billingham


News & Events

DoE Special Grant

Good Place Guide

DoE Urban Design Campaign 5

RUDI Resource for Urban Design Information 6

Urbanism and Urban Spaces

Mixed Use 1 7

Mixed Use 2 8



UDG/RTPI Urban Design and Community Issues

RIBA/RTPI/UDG London - Moving Beyond the Millennium 9

Berlin Urban Utopias

Reinventing the City 10

The Urban Design Agenda 10



Sustainability - A Rebuttal Michael Brett

Urban Design for the Millennium Stephen Tucker


Topic: Aspects of Urban Design in Europe

Introduction Judith Ryser 16

European Urban Planning Awards Tony Scott 17

Urban Design Education in Aachen Leslie Forsyth 21

An Interpretation of Urban Design AntonellaCortesi 23

Towards A New Pattern for the City Piero Paoli 25

Urbanisme in France Alan Hennessy 27

Major Events in Spain Susana Canogar 29

Integration of Institutions in Brussels Pierre Van Wunnik 31

Urban Design or Urban Chance in Warsaw Maria Niemczyk 34


Book Reviews

Reviews by Derek Abbott, John Billingham, Philip Cave, Bob Jarvis, Tony Lloyd-Jones and Chris Williamson 36


Practice Profiles


Urban Initiatives 42


Practice and Education Index 44

Endpiece 47

Third Question Bob Jarvis