URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN 54 Spring 1995


Cover Anthony Gormley's 'Iron man', Victoria Square, Birmingham.

News and Events 4

Regional News

Making the U Turn

Revisiting the Urban Design Manifesto


Urban Design: Myth or Reality 7

David Chapman and Peter Larkham present their ideas for an agenda.

Rural settlement design 9
Stephen Owen provides a response to Jeff Bishop's views on rural design contained in UDQ 52.


The Good Place guide 12
John Billingham presents a prospectus


Johannesburg: A city in transition 14
Arlene Segal describes changes occurring in South Africa

Topic / Engineering the Public Realm 16
Tony Lloyd Jones, Roger Evans and Joe Holyoak reflect on major issues arising at the Conference

Engineering the environment 19
David Lock spoke on "The Visible and Invisible' elements of engineering the public realm

Victoria Square, Birmingham21
Geoff Wright and John Blakemore reviewed the background to a public spaces policy and how a major space was implemented

Supertram Sheffield 25
Andy Topley and Dick Owen-Smith emphasised the importance of considering environmental issues at a very early stage

Paddington study 29
Tibbalds Monro and Steer Davies Gleave's transport and environmental study for Paddington described by Andy Karski

Book reviews 33
Books by Jon Lang, Landscape Design and Urbed reviewed by John Punter, Elizabeth Young, Bob Jarvis and John Billingham

Practice profiles

Building Design Partnership 36

Halcrow Fox 38

Practice and Education index 40

Endpiece 43
Urbanity by Bob Jarvis

Diary 44