Christopher Martin

Christopher is an influential urban designer and planner working all over the globe to help communities improve their public spaces; as well as supporting Cities and Governments to develop strategy, change policies, and make great places possible.

He is Co-Founder and Director of Urban Strategy at Urban Movement, and a fully qualified Urban Designer and Planner, with over 15 years’ experience leading complex urban projects - applying his expertise to public realm, streets and transport - where he convincingly calls for us to first and foremost shape cities that are enjoyable for people.

He consistently adds value through ensuring the seamless integration of urban and landscape design, with engineering and transport; coupled with his ability to convincingly communicate the benefits of people-focused urban design, to ensure policies, visions, and strategy become a reality.

In addition to his project work, Christopher is a Trustee of the UK charity for everyday walking - Living Streets - and chairs their ‘Technical Walking Design Expert Group’, allowing him to work with Government to shape cities that invite more enjoyable walking. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the UK Urban Design Group and a founding member of the UK Design Quality Unit, where he works to create better homes and communities in urban areas. He was a contributor to the NACTO ‘Designing Streets for Kids’ Design Manual; is host of ideasSPACE with the UDG, a popular Urbanism Podcast; speaks gloablly; and advises cities, authorities and land owners on design quality.

Finally, Christopher’s work on the United Nations ‘Planning and Climate Action Group’ ensures he is always at the forefront of international thinking with respect to mitigating the negative effects of climate change through urban design and transport, and preparing cities for more resilient futures through developing strategy and helping implement policy.

Christopher Martin Urban Design Group Recognised Practitioner
Job Title
Co-Founder + Director of Urban Strategy
Urban Movement
Urban Movement

BSc (Hons), Dip TP, MSc (UD), UDG, AoU


London and South East