Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin is an influential urban designer and planner working all over the globe to spread his vision and ideas. His work is based on urban planning principles centred on a people oriented approach. Shape cities as a canvas where enjoyable lives can unfold, and that enable people to lead healthy and prosperous lives - and have some fun along the way!

He is a fully qualified Urban Designer and Planner, with over 12 years’ experience designing and leading complex urban projects, focusing on public realm, streets and transport. He is certain that good urbanism puts people at its core, and that the path to creating successful, enjoyable, and functional cities, is one that shapes a city around its people and their culture.

He consistently adds value to projects through ensuring the seamless integration of urban and landscape design with engineering - coupled with his ability to convincingly communicate the benefits of people-focused design to a wide range of audiences, from key decision-makers to the general public.

His considerable breadth and depth of experience in the design of complex urban streets, public realm, and transport is demonstrated through his track record of developing innovative solutions for complex environmental, physical, economic, and social problems.

In addition to project work, he is a member of the ‘Urban Design Group’ Executive Committee and Editorial Board; a Trustee of Living Streets, the charity that champions walking in cities; a member of the Placemaking Leadership Council at Project for Public Spaces; a member of London design review panels; and he has been a guest-lecturer and tutor at The Bartlett School of Planning and Architecture for a number of years

Job Title
Co-Founder + Director, Urban Strategy
Urban Movement

BSc (Hons), Dip TP, MSc (UD), UDG, AoU