ideasSPACE with Nicolas Boys Smith

in conversation with Christopher Martin


“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

John Ruskin

We have been hearing a lot about planning reform and a renewed focus on beauty and quality of late, and in terms of urban design there is a lot to be buoyant about in the current national conversation. But conversation has to lead to action, and action has to lead to improved quality of life for everyone in cities - else we fail.

We speak to Nicholas Boys Smith on the Government’s search for quality in the new places we deliver, and what it is we need to do to get there - and move conversation into action.



ideasSPACE is a series of in depth conversations hosted by Christopher Martin (UDG Exec, co-founder of Urban Movement) and produced in collaboration with our media partner, UrbanNous.

Urban Design Group Article - ideasSPACE with Nicolas Boys Smith by in conversation with Christopher Martin

Nicholas is Director of Create Streets and has written widely on planning, and the links between design and popular support for development.

He is chair of the Government’s Design Body Steering Group and was co-chair of the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission, which reported in 2020 to widespread support.