ideasSPACE with James Delaney of Block by Block

in conversation with Christopher Martin


“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”

Michael Jordan

The only people that can meaningfully judge the success of public spaces, are the people that use them day in and day out, the people that make them a place. Despite the importance of public spaces to our health, happiness, and prosperity - public spaces are often designed by and for certain groups and rarely put marginalised voices centre stage in their design. 

Missing people out like this damages the very joy of public spaces and in turn our cities, and disadvantages some over others. We want to see a world in which our public spaces reflect the needs, desires and image of their communities and so we are excited to speak to Block by Block and hear how they are achieving this.



ideasSPACE is a series of in depth conversations hosted by Christopher Martin (UDG Treasurer, co-founder of Urban Movement) and produced in collaboration with our media partner, UrbanNous

Urban Design Group Article - ideasSPACE with James Delaney of Block by Block by in conversation with Christopher Martin

James is the founder and Managing Director of BlockWorks, a collective of designers, artists, and developers from around the world with a shared passion for Minecraft.

James joined the Block by Block Board in 2019. Founded in 2012 Block by Block is an innovative collaboration between Mojang, Microsoft, and UN-Habitat with the radical idea of integrating the computer game Minecraft into public space planning and empowering local communities to turn neglected urban spaces into vibrant places.