Creating better places through vision-led transport planning

Thursday 11 April 2024 - 13:00 to 14:30


Vision & Validate,  decide & provide, monitor & manage  - Are you confused? 

In this webinar we seek to provide answers. 

How can non-highway engineers influence the process, ask the right questions and hold people to account when they are not using the right tools? 

The outcomes of transport assessments and traffic modelling can get in the way of good placemaking. Traditionally, the emphasis is placed on vehicle movement and not people, leading to large roundabouts,  costly junction improvement, or a theoretical lack of road capacity that prevent the introduction of pedestrian and cycle crossing points or active travel routes.  

Every year we are spending huge sums on road infrastructure and seal off large areas of our country. National Highways has adopted a Vision-led approach, which should rebalance the assessments toward a more sustainable outcome.

Our speakers will explain what this means and how we can put it into practice. 

  • David Millner, Create Streets: Road-to-nowhere / The benefits of an alternative approach to transport planning 
  • Nicola Lodge & Geoff Burrage, itp: the technical aspects and challenges explained 
  • Jon Sandford, Homes England: Learning from day-to-day practice

+ Q&A

Chaired by Katja Stille, UDG Past Chair, & Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design


Further reading

Transport Analysis Guidance - Department for Transport
Transport analysis guidance (TAG) provides information on the role of transport modelling and apprais

The Green Book - HM Treasury
HM Treasury guidance on how to appraise and evaluate policies, projects and programmes.