How to Make People Friendly Places - Using Urban Design Frameworks

Wednesday 6 July 2022 - 12:30 to 13:45

This free masterclass, featuring finalists from the National Urban Design Awards will explain how to create urban design frameworks and the benefits they bring.

Birkenhead... Introduced by Jaimie Ferguson of Optimised Environments

The Birkenhead 2040 Framework identifies the area’s most attractive features such as the waterfront, areas for new office and commercial development and new housing, along with improvements to transport infrastructure and a district heating system. It has already been successful in winning funding for the town.

Andover... Introduced by Hans van Bommel, New Masterplanning

The Andover Town Centre Masterplan is a Framework that identifies a whole series of projects, such as removing roundabouts, providing a site for a college, reviving the town centre, and making a feature out of the River Anton. Created by using the ideas and vision of the local community, it is solidly supported by people, politicians, and press.

Andover is now progressing the individual projects identified in the framework through more detailed masterplans, design, and feasibility studies.

Chaired by Alan Thompson

Presentations : 12.30-1.10

Question and Answers 1.10-1.45

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