Hastings-St Leonards on Sea – Study Visit - "15 Minute Place?"

Saturday 11 June 2022 (All day)
Hastings - St Leonards on Sea

£6 UDG and IHBC Members       £10 Non-members

An opportunity to test the 15-minute place, and trial of a range of appraisal systems with friends and colleagues.   And to answer the question is St Leonards on Sea a good 15 minute model.

About this event - Organised by UDG and IHBC

11.00 Meet -At the Goat Ledge – seafront café


Part 1 – Guided tour of Burtons’ St Leonards – “Regent’s Park on Sea”

We will reflect on how the area is functioning in the 21st century.


Part 2 - A walk around, appraisal, and assessment of St Leonards on Sea as a 15-minute place using a range of tools

Each participant will be given assessment materials to fill in based on:

  • 15 Minute Journey Purpose Checklist
  • Building for a Healthy Life
  • Jane Jacobs/Jan Gehl
  • National Planning Policy Framework S130 + National Design Guide
  • Building Design Criteria
  • Placecheck 

Afternoon Break - and a discussion of findings of walk around.

Part 3 – Is St Leonards a model for the 15-minute city? – creating a design code

A discussion on what a design code for a 15 Minute St Leonards would look like, following the National Model Design Code guidance

Part 4 – Evening walk around Hastings including the Old Town and the Stade with possibility of evening meal

Stade is a Saxon term meaning landing place. Hastings is home to Europe’s biggest fleet of beach launched fishing boats.

UDG and IHBC Members £6

Non-members £10  

(does not include food or drinks)

Train leaves Charing Cross at 9.00am arrives St Leonards Warrior Square at 10.44