Logistics: the forgotten foundation of Urban Design and Planning

Wednesday 26 May 2021 - 12:00 to 14:00


How new approaches to designing logistics systems could revolutionise the way we design our cities, towns and streets.

Few people realise that the way we design our streets and our urban areas is dictated by the need to accommodate 40 ft ISO shipping containers and 32tonne 4 axle refuse collection vehicles. Though planning and highways policies are supposed to put people first, the reality is that practical and commercial needs dominate.  If we could rethink and redesign the logistics systems then the design of town and cities could change too.

This event will cover

  • the existing logistics systems that link factories, ports, distribution warehouses, wholesalers, retailers, offices, and homes. It is about deliveries and collections, and about the movement infrastructure including containers, palettes and cages, all of which have specific dimensions that have to be reflected in the design of the built environment.   
  • the adverse effects of this system
  • a new approach to logistics using a rethought distribution system, neighbourhood hubs and zero emission deliveries and collections
  • how the new approach could be reflected in the planning and street design guidance.

Info on speakers to follow shortly