Sustainable Development Goals

Wednesday 5 February 2020 - 18:15 to 20:15
The Gallery, 70 Cowcross Street London EC1M 6EJ

Our towns, cities, and settlements are shaped by a variety of local forces, design guides, and political aspirations. This can lead to a disparate response to the urban crises we face, and development that at its heart is not contributing to the quality of life of future generations.

This event will explore the role - success and failures - of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in shaping places globally. A role that aims to give authorities a clear andunified mandate and ability to shape places firstly as a catalyst for improved quality of life and a shared and equable future.


  • Paul Reynolds  Urben
  • Christopher Martin Urban Movement
  • Camilla Ween  UK Design Council CABE Built Environment Expert


Paul Reynolds

Christopher Martin