The Planning White Paper: Delivering Quality Urban Design for Cities, Towns, Streets and Spaces

Friday 16 October 2020 - 12:30 to 13:45

Join us for the last in the series of four lunchtime seminars exploring the proposals in the White Paper and how they can be translated into a practical system that will deliver the quality of built environment that people need to thrive. 

The focus of this final event will be to look at the proposals as a whole, the objectives and ultimate purpose of the planning system, the measures needed to ensure and maintain quality, the resources required, and the commercial and political realities.


Katja Stille  Incoming Chair UDG + Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design


  • Peter Studdert  Peter Studdert Planning
  • Helen Flage  Strategic Planner
  • Kenji Shermer  East Devon District Council
  • Martina Juvara  Urban Silence


Helen Flage : How do we plan, design and deliver better places? The 10 changes required outlined as follows :

  1. What are we planning?
  2. Planning must be strategic
  3. Identifying areas for growth and development
  4. Rediscover the masterplan
  5. Allocations and permissions
  6. Design codes or design guides?
  7. Skills requirements
  8. Training and support
  9. Resources
  10. Changing the delivery and funding model

For reference: UDG's Briefing Sheet on The Planning White Paper - 60 pages summarised in 4

Are the proposals in the White Paper enough?

  • Will they work?
  • Are there vital components that need to be added to make the proposals work?
  • What resources would be required?
  • Are design codes enough?
  • What enforcement or changes in legislation would be needed to prevent quality from being eroded?
  • Are changes outside the planning system needed, such as highways, and infrastructure planning? 
  • Do we need clear national policies or policies on areas such as food security and the protection of agricultural land, or minimum standards for quality of life?
  • Can we rely on digital planning and automated decision making?

Consultation closes 11.45 pm 29 October 2020

This is the third in a four part series of events on the Planning White Paper - to see previous and forthcoming events visit the UDG events page.

Recordings can be viewed on our White Paper playlist on youtube.