Future High Streets

Wednesday 29 April 2020 - 17:30 to 18:30

This event takes the theme of the recent edition of URBAN DESIGN : High Streets, and projects it into a post Covid-19 world.

  • Should we think about High Streets as balanced local economies, as they once were, with a mix of manufacture, residential, leisure, commerce and trade?
  • Are we blinded by focusing on the ground floor high street uses, while ignoring what goes on above and behind the high street?
  • Has internet retail doomed traditional place based retail, or is the problem an unfair tax and employment regime against which place-based retail cannot compete.
  • Will global supply chains start to contract, becoming increasingly focused on local production, and the local economy?

Chaired by Leo Hammond  LSH and Chair, Urban Design Group


  • Neil Bennett  Farrells, Partner
  • David Harrison  London Living Streets, Vice Chair
  • Steve Norris  LSH, Head of Planning, Development and Regeneration,
  • Mark Davy  Futurecity, Founder & CEO