High Density or High Liveability?

Monday 25 February 2019 - 19:00
Waterside 3, Watershed, 1 Canons Road, Bristol, BS1 5TX

A talk by Finlay McNab, urban design practitioner and director at Streets Reimagined.

They arent making land anymore noted the American author Mark Twain at the turn of the 20th century and never has this adage seemed more relevant.

With house ownership more unaffordable than ever, and the numbers rough sleeping continuing to rise, there is intense pressure to provide more homes from the developable land available.

Reflecting this, national planning policy now recommends planning applications should be refused where developments fail to make efficient use of land.

Bristol and the West of England is no exception to this challenge. Bristols planning policy identifies Urban Living as a central plank of its strategy.

What are the implications for this step change in density levels for urban neighbourhoods in Bristol? How will it affect how city residents live, share space and move around their city in the future?

Finlay McNab, Director at Streets Reimagined, will draw on examples from the UK and across Europe to explore these questions and highlight some of the key challenges and potential opportunities arising from high density urban neighbourhoods.

The talk will be followed by a discussion with contributions from a panel of speakers:

  • Finlay McNab
  • Sarah Jones-Morris  Landscape Architect and Urban Designer. Chair of Landscape Institute South West, and a Bristol Urban Design Forum panel member.
  • Ashley Nicholson  Director of Verve Properties. Heavily involved in regeneration schemes. Developer of Paintworks IV.
  • Jonathan Platt  Architect, Director of GCP Architects. Past projects include the award-winning Junction 3.