Creating Neighbourhoods not Housing Estates

Thursday 9 May 2019 (All day)
JTP, Unit 5, The Rum Warehouse, Pennington Street, London E1W 2AP

Image: Marmalade Lane - winner of the National Urban Design Awards 2019, Public Sector

What's Going Wrong and How to Put Things Right

Most housing today is delivered by major house builders as housing estates rather than as balanced development. The practical problems have been well publicised, including poor location leading to car dependency, the vehicle-oriented design of streets, and a value engineering approach that eliminates many of the features that humanise an urban area.

But the problems go far wider, with housing areas characterised by poor social mix, loneliness, declining local facilities and communities divided by age, ethnicity, ability, gender and wealth.

What can be done to create housing areas where neighbourliness, friendliness and happiness grow and grow?

With many thanks to JTP for providing their offices for this event in the Making People-Friendly Places series.

Speakers include:

  • Introduction  Leo Hammond, Chair Urban Design Group, LSH
  • Creating Neighbourhoods not Housing Estates  Noha Nasser, Mela
  • Better Places - MHCLG's aspirations  Dr Jenny Thomas, MHCLG
  • Urban Mending - Case Study: Dover Court, Islington  Tricia Patel, PTE
  • From hostile high-rise to homes for humans - Case Study: Lenton and Radford, Nottingham  Clare San Martin, JTP
  • Creating neighbourhoods  Angel Koch, ImaginePlaces
  • Housing design - from councillors' subjective perspectives to objective assessment  Professor Matthew Carmona, Place Alliance
  • Good design is an economic issue  David Rudlin, URBED and Academy of Urbanism