Big Meet 9 - Leadership in place-making: beyond beauty

Tuesday 2 April 2019 - 10:00 to 16:40

Big Meet 9 will focus on the complex question of local leadership in place making. In particular, as we gear up to produce more housing as a nation, we need to be careful that we are creating real places and communities rather than isolated and unsustainable estates. This will require a clear vision within local authorities and backing from Central Government to prioritise quality in design rather than development for development sake.

BM9 will also host the launch of Place Value and the Ladder of Place Quality,a Place Alliance guide for decision making about the built environment, supported by the Design Network.

Through the Ladder of Place ualityLadder of Place Quality, the report presents a simple tool for architects, planners, councillors, developers and citizens to quickly assess and advocate for high quality places when making policy, project or investment decisions that affect the built environment.

Big Meet 9 is part of the Making People-Friendly Places campaign.


  • Prof Matthew Carmona  Place Alliance (Chair)
  • Esther Kurland  Urban Design London (Director)
  • Amy Harrison  The Architecture Centre Bristol (Head of Learning and Participation)
  • Carmen Mateu-Moreno  RIBA (Future Place Project Manager) 
  • Dan Roberts  Homes England (Senior Specialist in the Planning, Enabling & Development)
  • Frederic Saliez  Brussels Liaison Office of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-Habitat (Deputy Director)
  • Katja Stille  Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design (Director)
  • Julie Tanner  Creating Excellence (Panel Manager)