Vienna Study Tour + Extended Austrian Cities Tour Option

Thursday 20 April 2017 (All day) to Friday 28 April 2017 (All day)
Vienna, Austria

Two Tours - Part 1 - Vienna - Part 2 Other Austrian Cities

An invitation to join one or both

1. Vienna Tour - 20th - 24th April - led by Sebastian Loew

Vienna is well-known for its historic layout, imaginative public realm treatment, and interesting new development areas. It has many lessons for urban designers and housing experts. A short tour, from April 20th-24th, will be led by Sebastian Loew, and will include a talk by city planners and visits to a number of schemes. The price of £430 (£380 for Urban Design Group members) includes flights to and from London and four nights hotel accommodation.

Please express your interest in participating in this tour as soon as possible by emailing

2. OtherCities of Austria to 24th- 28th April - led by Alan Stones

You may if you wish combine this with a longer tour, led by Alan Stones, from April 20th-28th which includes visits to the other Austrian cities of Graz, Linz, Salzburg and Innsbrück. This is a chance to appreciate the high quality urban environments and public transport which the Austrians have succeeded in incorporating in their second-tier cities.

Price of both tours together - The price of £910 (£860 for Urban Design Group members) includes the flight out from London, participation in the Vienna tour, eight nights accommodation, and return by rail from Innsbrück to London.

Upgrading to both tours - If you have already booked for Sebastian Loews short tour, you can upgrade to the longer tour for £480 (for both UDG members and non-members).

If you are interested in participating in this tour, further information is available from Alan Stones, Fullerthorne, Church Street, Kelvedon, Essex CO5 9AH, phone 01376 571351, or email

The last booking date for the extended tour is Friday 20th January 2017.