The River Commons Projects - River Don and Surrounds

Thursday 1 March 2012 - 18:00
Shalesmoor - S3 7AR

The River Commons Projects

Opening Reception: Thurs 1st March 6pm - 9:30pm Lectures & Presentation: Sat 3rd March 3pm onwards



15 Smithfield,


S3 7AR

The River Commons Projects explores a stretch of the River Don from Kelham Island to Hillsborough and its surrounding environment. Event aims to spark conversations between various groups & individuals living & working Sheffield, groups involved in the projects along the river, local authority and to hopefully to initiate new projects.

The project is a collaboration between University of Sheffield School of Architecture, Studio Polpo, and SKINN.

The Upper River Don, from the middle of the city to the northwest area of Hillsborough, is a lost world. Despite running parallel with a major road and close to the Supertram track it is almost invisible. For a large part it is also inaccessible, cut off by private car-parks, industrial estates and empty sites. This section of river is full of surprises: derelict water wheels, curiously named islands such as Bacon Island and an abandoned graveyard.

The event will feature an exhibition of works by Masters of Urban Design Students, photographer Eric Winnert, and the works of Studio Polpo and the Shalesmoor, Kelham Island & Neepsend Network (SKINN). In addition there will be a short series of lectures and presentations by organisations and individuals involved in activities related to the river. The aim of the project is to highlight the current state of abandonment of this stretch of the river and propose and showcase various solutions.

The project hopes to spark conversations between various groups involved in the projects along the river and hopefully initiate new projects and well as get people of the area involved in the debate.

Speakers from: Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA), Riverlution & River Stewardship Company, Point Blank Theatre Company, SKINN, Studio Polpo, CADS, Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield City Council. More TBC

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The exhibition would also be opened to the general public on Friday 2nd, Mon 5th & Tue 6th of March.