Observations on Urban Design

Monday 10 October 2011 - 18:00
Sheffield Hallam University City Campus, Owen Building Level 10, Room 1028

Rob Cowan and Alan Jackson Simpson will offer their unique observations on urban design.

Rob, founding director of Urban Design Skills, will give a talk ti tled Pandora and her Trojan horses. Rob has written numerous publicati ons on urban design, and has been instrumental in developing a series of innovative urban design methods.

Alan is an architect and professor of urbanism. His talk is titled 100 years of urban renaissance. Alans work in the UK and the USA has delivered numerous successful urban renaissance strategies and approaches to working with urban communiti es. He is co-founder of the Carnegie Mellon University Re-Making Cities Institute Pitt sburgh PA, and created and led the Yorkshire Renaissance Towns and Town Team Programme 2001-06; and led the York City Beautiful project 2009-10.

Be prepared for a stimulati ng and informative evening!

Event Organiser: Sheffield City Council