NUDA Urban Light Summit

Wednesday 23 November 2011 - 9:00


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How can we create beautiful cities while still considering climate and environmental issues in the planning process? How can cities become more enjoyable, functional, permeable and innovative using not only conventional approaches to sustainability but - also new developments in city lighting?
City lighting has an important role in relation to design issues such as readability, permeability, movement, accessibility, crime reduction, economic and cultural structure, environmental psychology, infrastructure, city art, commercial and economical value and safety. Treating city lighting purely as street lighting, as has been done throughout modern history of city development, risks missing opportunities to create great places is present. Light is crucial for peoples wellbeing and cities effective functioning. New technology developed addresses the climate and environmental issues and accommodates new innovative city lighting with power and energy reducing technology.
Light has the power to shape and model space in an urban context. Turning light into a major tool in urban life and planning will provide more value to the work of urban designers, planners, designers and architects.
The 7th Nordic Urban Design Association Conference 23rd November 2011 in Copenhagen will be an important opportunity for learning more about city lighting and how new urban spaces can be shaped and formed with new lighting technology. The summit will be an arena for exchanging experience and networking for urban designers, environment officers, architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, town centre managers, regeneration managers, politicians, consultants, planners, cultural services managers, public arts officers, artists, students and promoters of economic development.
The summit will bring together some of the foremost international names within light design, urban design, architecture, media- and communications and landscape design.
The announcement of the Nordic Urban Light Design Competition 2011 winner will be held at the conference!