Changing Chelmsford

Thursday 23 June 2011 - 18:30
London - The Gallery, 70 Cowcross Street, London EC1M 6EJ

The current potentially radical re-appraisal of planning is an opportunity to rethink approaches to participation and plan making. John Worthington, Patron of the Urban Design Group and Director of the Academy of Urbanism will introduce the growing movement towards a collaborative approach to urbanism, with Chelmsford as an example.

Changing Chelmsford an initiative led by the RSA and the Academy of Urbanism, with the support of Essex County Council and Chelmsford Borough Council, explores changing concepts of community, and ways to increase resilience and the adaptive capacity of cities through a process of social innovation that encourages dialogue, knowledge exchange, ideas generation, enterprise and co-production within a framework of collaborative urbanism.

During 2010 over a six week period over 120 participants and 80 organisations were engaged in developing a shared identity through a series of inspired events as part of an exercise in re-imagining Chelmsford (

Changing Chelmsford has nurtured 100+ ideas that will make a difference to the town, leading to 18 self-organising initiatives. This is now an ongoing process and the initiative is currently forming a community interest company (CIC) to extend outreach, seek sponsorship and funding and collaboratively plan a sequence of events for the autumn that will be encompassed within a strategic plan to provide direction over the next three years.



Malcolm Noble  Chair of Chelmsford Initiative & RSA Fellowship Chelmsford

Barry Shaw  Head of Built Environment & Director of the Essex Design Initiative, Essex County Council

Stephanie Mills  Cite Design Ltd & Programme Curator for Changing Chelmsford

Roger Estop  Planning Design Manager, Chelmsford Borough Council



  • £5.00 for UDG members, Academy of Urbanism academicians, Architecture Centre representatives and students
  • £1.00 for UDG members students
  • £3.00 for non-member students
  • £7.00 for all others