Yamen Badr

Researcher, Architectural and Urban Design Practitioner through the realm of architecture and urbanism with an intellectual focus on the contemporary multitude of public spaces through the globe in general and a professional experience in assessing, planning, designing and implementing the various components of both contemporary mixed uses urban cores as well as their associated elements of the built environment.

Professional experience through a diversity of fields related to architecture and urban design. This takes account of the macro and micro scale of projects. I have led various stages of building and master plan creation and production, including feasibility, conceptual stage, schematic stage, tender, construction, site supervision and project management. This experience is associated with different typologies from a single residential unit to strategic investment plans and from the dimension of curbstone to master planning.


My academic and professional experience varies in time and context starting from 2005 to the present including Syria, UAE, Tunis, Libya, China, France and most importantly the UK.

Yamen Badr Urban Design Group Recognised Practitioner
Job Title
Senior Designer

B.Arch - Tisheen University, Syria

M.Ach - The University of Nottingham, UK

PhD - The University of Nottingham, UK

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