Naike Zambotti

I am a qualified Urban Designer and I studied Planning and Design at the Polytechnic of Milan and Madrid (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid). 

I have experience working on a wide range of international masterplans and public realm strategies. I have been involved in the pedestrian wayfinding strategy of Milan in relation to Expo 2015 and in the process of the renovation of a part of Milan’s Central Station.

Prior to joining Levitt Bernstein, I worked for AR Urbanism and Boyer where I was involved on several masterplanning and engagement projects developing more experience in community engagement, masterplanning, wayfinding and public realm projects. 

I am particularly interested in urban living and pedestrian and cycle movement. I am fascinated by the complexity within cities. One aspect I like the most about Urban Design is the importance of collaboration of all the disciplines within the built environment. 

Naike Zambotti Urban Design Group Recognised Practitioner
Job Title
Project Urban Designer
Levitt Bernstein

BA MSc(Urb) AssocRTPI


International Urban Design Organisations
London and South East