Locking Parklands

Locking Parklands Project Images

In 2006, NEW masterplanning undertook an ‘Enquiry by Design’ event which first identified the mixed use potential of the former RAF site on the edge of Weston-super-Mare. As a direct result of this, Locking Parklands is one the most important regeneration projects in the country and the final, extended, masterplan is intended to deliver a total of 3,450 homes, 4,000 jobs, major new parks and open space, alongside shops, schools, leisure and community facilities.

The first phase of Locking Parklands, comprising housing, apartments, offices and open space has already been built by St. Modwen.  The development was a ‘Best Design’ finalist at the national Housebuilders Awards and was named by ‘What House’ Awards as one of the three best residential developments in the country.

As more developers and landowners become involved in delivering the scheme, there is a need to ensure the urban design principles and the sense of place which underpin the masterplan continue to be delivered.  We have therefore been commissioned to prepare comprehensive design codes to guide the future phases of the development. 

Inspiration was taken from the site’s former use and landscape to create distinctive character areas.  These are reinforced through the coding of land use, building form, building heights, materials and architectural features. ‘Special places’ have been further defined by coding of their landscaping, tree planting, and public realm materials. A legible and distinctive street hierarchy is ensured by coding street widths, materials, footpaths and cycleways, parking, planting, plot frontages and sense of enclosure.