Hogwood Garden Village, Wokingham, UK

Hogwood Garden Village, Wokingham, UK Project Images

Hogwood Garden Village forms the southern part of the Arborfield Garrison Strategic Development Location, identified in the Wokingham Borough Core Strategy as having the potential to accommodate 3,500 dwellings.  Hogwood Garden Village would accommodate 1,500 of these.

The principle of development at Hogwood Farm is already well established.  The site is allocated in the Council’s approved development plan and more detailed guidance, relating to the layout and design of the site, is given in the Arborfield Garrison Supplementary Planning Document.

Acting on behalf of the landowner, Wei Yang & Partners were appointed to prepare a ‘hybrid’ planning application for the development which comprises 1,500 dwellings (including affordable), up to 10,500 sq. m of employment floorspace; a neighbourhood centre with up to 1,500 sq. m for local services; a primary school, parks and gardens, children’s play areas, allotments, sports pitches, other formal and informal open spaces.

The proposals for the site are based on Garden City principles which include generous green spaces, walkable neighbourhoods, a strong local centre providing for the day-to-day needs of the new community and local employment opportunities.  The spine for the whole development is provided by a wide generous green space, acting as a ‘village green’ and the focus for the development.  Arrangements will be put in place for the long term management and maintenance of the assets and for local community involvement in the development as it proceeds.