Heston Hyde Hotel

Heston Hyde Hotel Project Images
Heston Hyde Hotel Project Images

The site for this new hotel was originally part of the old London (Heston) Airport before it moved to Heathrow.  The lands were then bisected by the M4 motorway to leave this parcel and the Heston Services separated off to the south. 

In the 1960s a hotel was built, but was of very poor quality and quickly failed.  The site was then used for many temporary activities before being bought by the current owners who wanted to create a high quality hotel for the nearby communities and with an eye to the Heathrow market. 

The new building designed to produce a large 303 bedroom hotel together with function and leisure facilities is sited centrally within a very large landscaped site.  Between the hotel and Heston Services there is retained an area of natural landscape to support a varied and interesting wildlife habitat. 

The building itself is arranged with a central spine and a series of transverse bedroom blocks, each enclosing a private landscaped courtyard.  In this way every room has a courtyard view and is protected from the noise and disturbance of the Motorway. 

On the ground floor the Client was very keen to provide large high quality meeting and conference space that could also be used as a banquet and wedding venue.  This is achieved by placing a very large function space at the rear of the building overlooking the open landscaped site facing west.  The banqueting room alone can seat up to 1,000 guests.