Hayy City Master Plan

Hayy City Master Plan Project Images
Hayy City Master Plan Project Images

Hayy is a pleasant provincial market town of 62,000 persons and an important focus for agriculture in Wasit province. It is located south of Kut on the Garraf Canal which connects the two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, which defined part of the Fertile Crescent of the ancient world.

We prepared a new master plan for Hayy City on behalf of the Provincial Council to guide the expected growth of the city to over 125,000 persons, while minimising the impact on irrigated agricultural land. The peripheral growth option was chosen in consultation in order to minimise the impact of development on neighbouring agricultural land.

The Plan proposed that 1,300 ha of residential land for neighbourhood development would be required for the next 30 years. This included such major land uses as third level education facilities, sports and youth facilities, city-wide public open space, government land and industrial land.

The historic core of the city is characterised by the compact organic fabric of a typical Islamic town. We proposed a comprehensive programme of urban renewal which involved: new parking places and traffic management; undergrounding of all utilities; paving of all surfaces; installation of signage and street lighting; as well as the refurbishment of buildings.

As part of the commission we were also asked to study the setting of the local shrine of Sa’eed bin Jubair.  He was a leading Islamic scholar of the generation after the passing of the prophet Mohammed.  The shrine attracts an increasing number of pilgrims.