Golden Mile Vision and Concept Masterplan

Golden Mile Vision and Concept Masterplan Project Images
Golden Mile Vision and Concept Masterplan Project Images

The Golden Mile corridor contributes significantly to the overall composition of Hounslow’s and West London’s economic output. Today the corridor continues to be a prized destination for global, European and UK Head Quarters where 200 companies employ around 25,000 people. 

Not since its conception in 1925 has a coherent, overarching vision for the Golden Mile corridor been considered. The ethos and spirit of innovation, manufacturing and knowledge was instrumental in shaping the employment corridor we have today and continues to attract multi-national companies to the borough, but over time many new challenges have emerged. In particular the corridor is operating in a more competitive market and faces new economic, social and environmental pressures.

Urban Initiatives were appointed by the London Borough of Hounslow to create a vibrant future vision for the employment corridor, retain and enhance its commercial identity and reinforces its role as a gateway to London. The key principles of the masterplan are to be embedded in the emerging Local Plan and an Area Action Plan for the corridor is due to commence.

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