Gainsborough Strategic Expansion

Gainsborough Strategic Expansion Project Images
Gainsborough Strategic Expansion Project Images

Nicholas Pearson Associates was appointed as part of a multi-disciplinary team to identify opportunities for growth to the town of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Our role defined the potential capacity of the surrounding landscape and townscape to accommodate development. This included landscape and visual impact assessment and detailed ecological surveys as well as coordinating archaeological investigations.

An area was identified as the most suitable location for the initial growth phase, comprising approximately 2500 new homes, commercial areas and schools. We assisted with the delivery of the development master plan ensuring that the combined ecological, landscape and historic assets of the site were retained and enhanced. We incorporated a comprehensive range of green infrastructure proposals, including public open spaces, lakes and watercourses, road landscape measures and prepared proposals for off-site ecological compensation and access agreements to adjacent woodland.

The master plan team prepared an outline planning application requiring an Environmental Statement and Design and Access Statement. Planning consent for this major development was granted by West Lindsey District Council Planning Committee. Site development is currently ongoing.

Proposals for further areas for expansion have been submitted for consideration in the Central Lincolnshire Core Strategy consultation. Nicholas Pearson Associates led as masterplanners, landscape, ecology and archaeological advisors to steer Vision Documents for these growth areas including the preparation of strategic master plans comprising a further 4500 new homes, commercial units and schools as well as a comprehensive green infrastructure framework.