Design Advice, Codes, Review and Guidance

Design Advice, Codes, Review and Guidance Project Images

Good 'guiding principles' are essential to good development. Urban design guidelines are both implicit in our projects, but also explicit where detailed design is required. Such urban design advice has led to involvement in both the setting of overall design guidance at a district-wide level, and more detailed guidelines for sites designed to raise the quality of development. The practice has prepared several Design Codes, SPDs, Street Design Guides, Character Studies and Neighbourhood Plans for various clients. It has provided design advice to a range of public sector clients including Exeter City and Cherwell District Councils. Design Advice also takes the form of Design Review which the practice has provided through Design Council / CABE and BOB-MK organisations.

The practice has also been responsible for the masterplan for Runcorn's urban extension. The third element of the masterplan was to prepare Design Codes for the whole area, covering landscape and urban design, public realm and streets in particular. The Codes are based on performance criteria set by a series of objectives with illustrations and photos of examples to make the Codes very accessible. The Codes deal with issues of policing, change, character areas and reflect the level of detail considered appropriate by the HCA and the Council as key stakeholders.