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Graphics for Urban Design

Authors: B. Meeda, N. Parkyn and the late D. S. Walton

Price: £ 50.00

ISBN: 9780727733993

Publish Date: 08/01/2007

Publisher: Thomas Telford Ltd

Number of Pages: 128 

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This is a practical guide to producing graphics for urban design projects and planning. Through illustration and narrative, the authors demonstrate how urban regeneration has inspired a growth and mixture of graphic techniques for communicating a projects vision.

The guidance includes various methods for producing hand-rendered or computer-generated visuals and details the entire planning process, from community consultations to final reports.

It defines outstanding material as being clear, relevant, accessible, honest and attractive whilst presenting clear systems to achieving these outcomes. To this end, detailed information is arranged into the following sections:

  • The process – describing the main techniques in use
  • Good practice – how to produce high-quality outputs
  • The products – an of screen based media and stock choices
  • Management of graphics and production – how to organise the process
  • Images and Information – a description of relevant imagery, file types, scales and measurement

An essential resource for practitioners, academics and students, this book will help you to understand, commission and prepare graphic presentations for urban projects.

About the authors

Bally Meeda, Director of Urban Graphics is a graphic designer who has worked at a senior level with leading planning consultants on the presentation of urban design projects in the UK and overseas. He now heads his own consultancy, Urban Graphics, advising public and private sector clients.

Neil Parkyn, Director of Huntingdon Associates is a chartered architect and town planner who has worked on urban and master-planning projects in over 20 counties overseas and on public realm schemes across the UK. He is also a prize-winning technical journalist and editor.

The late David Stuart Walton, Formerly Director of Llewelyn-Davies was a planner and urban designer with experience in local government, consultancy and academia who led several major regeneration projects, including the urban design study for Cardiff Bay, Edinburgh Waterfront and for Clydebank, Glasgow.

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