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Building for a Healthy Life

A Design Toolkit for neighbourhoods, streets, homes and public spaces
David Birkbeck, Stefan Kruczkowski, Phil Jones, David Singleton and Sue McGlynn

Building for a Healthy Life (BHL) updates England’s most widely known and most widely used design tool for creating places that are better for people and nature. The original 12 point structure and underlying principles within Building for Life 12 are at the heart of BHL. 

The new name reflects changes in legislation as well as refinements made to the 12 considerations in response to good practice and user feedback.

The new name also recognises that this latest edition has been written in partnership with Homes England, NHS England and NHS Improvement. BHL integrates the findings of the three-year Healthy New Towns Programme led by NHS England and NHS Improvement 

Many local authorities across the country have cited Building for Life 12 in their Local Plans and Supplementary Planning Documents. As BHL is the new name for Building for Life 12, local authorities can use BHL without having to rewrite existing policy documents.