URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN127 Summer 2013


This issue has been generously sponsored by Barton Willmore

CHINA is the main topic of the latest issue of URBAN DESIGN, the journal of the Urban Design Group: ten articles cover a wide range of topics related to the built environment in the world’s largest economy. They range from the issues faced by an urban design consultant working in China today to what western practitioners can learn from it, and from the dangers of transferring ideas from one culture to another to a reflection on the Chinese replication of western cities. Several specific examples of new developments are also described and analysed. Overall, issue 127 of Urban Design presents a vivid and up-to-date panorama of Chinese urban development.

In addition, two young researchers present their ideas on professional practice, one through a practical example in Edinburgh, the other through an intellectual debate on how to prove that urban design is true. Several new books are reviewed and one historic and very influential text, Colin Buchanan’s Traffic in Towns report, is revisited.

This is another stimulating issue which no urban design professional should be without, URBAN DESIGN is the leading journal in its field; it is posted automatically to members of the Urban Design Group, a good reason to join the group today. Each issue provides in-depth analysis of topical themes, with contributions from leading practitioners, policymakers and academics from the UK and abroad. Its 48 pages offer a mix of articles, short reports and listings that reflect the diversity of urban design today.