URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN 86 Spring 2003


News and events

Leader 4

Director’s Column

Tall Buildings Conference 5

Urban Design and Regeneration in Hastings 6

Centralisation versus Dispersal 7


Walking Plan for London 8


Ann Petherick 9

Simon Rix

Philip Stringer


Holistic Housing, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway 10

Re:Urbanism, Part 2 13

Topic Suburbia: A Challenge to Prejudice

Introduction, Richard Cole 15

Processes and Issues, Christine Carr 16

Richard Rogers has a Plan for You, Martin Crookston 20

A View from the USA, Terry Schwarz 24

Urbanism on the Edge, John Worthington 27

Newhall, Harlow, Roger Evans 31


Movement Corridors, Urban Form and Urban Design,

D Chapman, I Dickins, A Dixon, P Larkham and D Pratt 36

Case Study

Towards Urban Renaissance, Alan Simpson 38

Book Reviews

Reinventing the Skyscraper, Ken Yeang 40

Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, LI & IEMA

Planning for a Sustainable Future, A Layard, S Davoudi & S Batty 41

After the World Trade Center, M Sorkin & S Zukin

Great City Parks, Alan Tate 42

Greyfields into Goldfields, S Sobel, E Greenberg & S Bodzin

Working Capital, Life and Labour in Contemporary London, 43

N Buck, I Gordon, P Hall, M Harloe and M Kleinman

Practice Index 44

Education Index 51


Wandering, Bob Jarvis 51