URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN 85 Winter 2002


News and events

Leader 4

Director’s Column

100 Public Spaces for London 5

UDG Eastern Region Tour

Creating Successful 21srt Century Cities 6

UDAL Week’s Events: Street Life Seminar 8

Winning Back Public Spaces

The Urban Skills Summit 10

The Urban Summit 11


Expo. 02 Switzerland, Judith Ryser 12


Re:Urbanism, Rob Cowan and Kelvin Campbell 14

Colour it simple (enough), Neil Parkyn 16

Topic Urban Design Week 2002

Introduction, Sebastian Loew 17

Designing Streets for People, Edward Chorlton 18

Urban Streets, Prof. George McLean Hazel 20

Child’s Play: Urban Change for Beginners, Eileen Adams 22

Welsh Communities and Urban Design, Matthew Griffiths 24

Streets and the Community, Alexandra Rook 26

Public Realm/Public Good, John Hopkins 30

Engaing the Socially Excluded in the Environment, Judy Ling Wong 34


Licensing Reform and Urban Design, Marion Roberts 36

Case Study

Maintaining local distinctiveness in urban areas, Rebecca Knight 38

Book Reviews

Ideal Cities, Ruth Eaton 40

Urban design Guidance, Rob Cowan/Urban Design 41

biopolis, Patrick Geddes and the City of Life, Volker M. Welter

The Modern City revisited, Thomas Deckker (ed.) 42

Waterfronts in Post-Industrial Cities, Richard Marshall (ed.) 43

Practice Index 44

Education Index 51


Angelheaded Hipsters, Bob Jarvis 51