URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN 71 Summer 1999


Cover - Meeting House Square, Dublin

News & Events

Good Place Guide

Croydon 20/20 Vision

Catalytic Conversion 5

Re-making the Tate Gallery 6

Making Heritage Industrial Buildings Work

Sustaining High Density Living 7

The Modern City Revisited 8

Urban Design Group Student Exhibition

Dublin, UDG Study Tour 10

Annual General Meeting 12



The University of Liverpool Precinct Mike Biddulph 14 



Density through Design Rod Duncan 16



Urban Design Alliance Week

The Seven Clamps of Urban design Jon Rouse

Regeneration through Integration Helen Woolley

Integrated Transport Alan Baxter

Zero-Friction Society Maarten Hajer


Case Studies

Garden City Jonathan Davis 21

Three Squares in Barcelona James and Anne Thomas


Book Reviews

Reviews by Derek Abbott, Peter Eley, Jon Rowland and John Billingham


Practice and Education Index

The directory provides a service to potential clients when they are for specialist professional advice on projects involving urban desk related matters, and to students and professionals considering ta urban design course.



The Good Spaces Guide

Bob Jarvis