URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN 56 Autumn 1995


Cover Photograph: Gloucester Green, Oxford


News and Events

The DoE's Urban Design Campaign 4

News Items

Urban Quality Debate

Urban Design Annual Lecture - Piers Gough 6
OxfordConference on the Public Realm

Readership Survey 7

Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture 8
Derek Abbott reports on the Sherban Cantacuzino Lecture


Urban Design's Soft City 10
Jeremy Caulton responds to views on a holistic approach

Deterministic Chaos, Complexity and Fractals 11
Lachlan Robertson considers the implications for urban designers

Topic / Urban Design Policy and Practice
Last October the UDG in conjunction with the RTPI arranged a day conference to consider ways in which urban design is affecting policy and practice. Two papers are included in this issue.

Planning and Urban Design in the 1990s 14
Peter Hall provides an overview of the changes that have occurred in planning over the last fifty years and the implications for urban design

The Urban Design Process 22
Jon Rowland defines methods that enable urban design issues to be considered as a vital part of a policy framework



The Emscher Park IBA 28
Rob MacDonald presents the development of the latest IBA in Germany located in the Ruhr

Study Tour of Galicia 32
Alan Stones describes the UDG tour to north west Spain which occurred in July this year

Book Reviews

Books on Richard Rogers, Building Democracy,

The Cities Design Forgot, James Stirling and International Design


Practice Profiles
Terry Farrell and Partners

Practice and Education Index 40


Bob Jarvis's view of Inside Out and Back to Front