URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN 31 Summer 1989


Foreword 2


Introduction  Kathy Stansfield 2


A Vision of Chaos  Bob Jarvis


The Journey to Docklands  Barry Shaw 4


A Review of the Past  Ted Hollamby 7


The County of London Vision  Arthur Ling 11


The First Real Move to a Planning of London  Hermione Hobhouse 17


The Urban Imagination of the Attlee Years  John Gold 22


A Review of the Present  Geoff Holland


The City of London World Financial Centre  Peter Wynne Rees 30


Planning Prospects  Robin Clement 32


Design Prospects  Nigel Coates 35


Workshop on Aesthetics 37

Summarised by Lawrence Revill

Contributions by Richard MacCormac and Peter Low


Workshop on Employment 37

Summarised by Ian Bentley

Contributions by Sidney Sporle and John Worthington


Workshop on Development 38

Summarised by Arnold Linden

Contribution by David Gosling


An Overview  Francis Tibbalds 40


Post Script 45

1988 Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture given by

Sir Roy Strong. Reviewed by Peter Luck


David Lock gave a much appreciated after dinner speech at the Conference Dinner held at the Architectural Association on the Monday Evening but unfortunately this was not recorded. Terry Farrell's description of the schemes put forward for a National Centre of Urban Design are included as an insert