URBAN DESIGN Journal Issue

URBAN DESIGN 123 Summer 2012




Union Station, Denver, Colorado (Courtesy of Projects for Public Spaces)


  • The Developer and Urban Design
  • The Evening Economy
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems and Urban Design
  • Temporary Urbanism
  • Designing Place
  • Bordeaux and other baroque cities
  • Urban Change in Iran
  • The Urban Design Interview – Laura Alvarez
  • The Urban Design Library #5
  • Design Council Cabe – Neighbourhoodplanning


  • Urban River Corridors - Laurence Pattacini
  • What Drives City Branding? - Richard Barkham and Claudia Murray

Topic: Localism

  • Introduction: Noha Nasser and Joe Holyoak
  • You don’t have to be BANANAs - Richard Simmons
  • Neighbourhood Planning one year on - Jon Herbert
  • The Community is the Client  - Chris Brown
  • Starting At Local - Fred Kent
  • Share an Idea - Hugh Nicholson and Fiona Wykes
  • Localism and Inclusive Design - Flick Harris and Jos Townend
  • Digital tools in Place-making - Michael Kohn

Book Reviews

  • Designing for Play, Barbara Hendricks
  • By The City/For The City, Anne Guiney and Brendan Crain
  • Spatial Agency. Other Ways of Doing Architecture - Nishat Awan, Tatjana Schneider and Jeremy Till
  • City Rules - Emily Talen 

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