Book Review

21st Century Garden Cities of To-Morrow

A Manifesto
Philip Ross and Yves Cabannes

The authors of this small book see themselves as the genuine heirs of Ebenezer Howard and attempt to interpret his ideals and ideas to today’s environment. Having analysed the original text, they put forward twelve principles that would constitute the basis of a future true Garden City. Communal land ownership, energy efficiency and participatory planning are seen as important, not the planting of trees or nostalgia based architecture. This radical manifesto will struggle to find a responsive audience today, but the attempt is commendable.

URBAN DESIGN 140 Autumn 2016 Publication Urban Design Group

As featured in URBAN DESIGN 140 Autumn 2016

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21st Century Garden Cities of To-Morrow Publication Urban Design Group
Reviewed By
Sebastian Loew, architect and planner, writer and consultant