We are a globally integrated urban design, planning, architecture, town planning, master planning, landscape architecture, engineering and technology practice.

IBI Group is a globally integrated design and technology firm with over 3,000 professionals around the world. For more than 40 years, its dedicated professionals have helped clients create liveable, sustainable, and advanced urban environments.

Our collaborative planning and urban design practice produces long-term strategies that position communities for success in every aspect of the urban experience – from day-to-day living, learning and health, to major transportation and infrastructural growth. We’re designing the next “world-class” cities.

Crafting a balanced, future-forward vision for a community, neighbourhood, or entire city is no small task. Every place has its own identity, but all our plans strive to adhere to the same guiding principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and technological connection.

At IBI Group we are at the leading edge of how we think about our cities, and how we make them better.

Primary Office

Dantzic Building, Fourth Floor
Dantzic Street
M4 2AL
United Kingdom
0161 696 4980

Key Contact

Fiona Barker
0161 696 4980

Regional Offices

London and South East
North West
IBI Group Urban Design Group Practice